Born on May 4th. 1931 in Alexandria, Egypt to Abdel Kader Abdel Meguid and his wife Zakia Mahmoud.
He excelled in school, attended Alexandria University in 1950 where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics.  He then went on to Oxford University in England, in 1955 at the age of 24.  In Oxford, he was granted a Doctorate in Philosophy Studies.

He returned to Egypt in 1957 with his British wife Violet and a daughter.  They named her Amina.

In 1957 to 1959 He worked as Senior Economist at the Planning Commission in Cairo, Egypt.

In 1958, they had another daughter, Randa.

From 1959 to 1961 he became Director of Research at the Bank of Alexandria also in Cairo.

In 1962, The Ford Foundation granted him a scholarship to the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, USA where he was also a visiting Professor of Economic Development.  He received his PhD in Economics in 1963.  His thesis was...............

He returned with his wife and two daughters to Cairo.  Soon after arriving, he became the Director General at the "Asswan (High Dam) Regional Planning Authority.

In early 1967, now with three daughters, Amina, Randa and Karima we left for Ceylon (Srilanka) where he became Chief Advisor & Project Manager for the UNDP Development Planning Project

We lived in Ceylon for 4 years, then up and left for the United States in 1970.  He became the Senior Economist  the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in Washington DC. (now known as the World Bank), during the Presidency of Dudly Sennanayaka.

After the war between Egypt and Israel in 1973, Anwar Sadat turned his attention to the prosperity and economic development of Egypt, and he asked my father to return to Egypt.  We left Washington DC and returned to Egypt in 1974. 

In 1974, my father became Advisor to the Egyptian Prime Minister, Abdel Azziz El Hegazy.  He remained Advisor till 1976

In 1976  to 1977 he became Chairman of the International Investment Authority.

In 1977 The United Nations in New York, USA offered him the position of Under Secretary General

His Excellency
Dr. Abdel Razzak Abdel Meguid
Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Economy, Minister of Planning, Minister of Finance
and Minister of Investment

A Man who was Totally Dedicated to his Beloved Egypt!
1931 - 1994