In the Name of Allah the Merciful

The President

Dr. Abdel Razzak Abdel Meguid
Minister of Planning

Kind & Blessed greetings from Allah,
And then,

I have gladly and thankfully received your affectionate letter which conveyed to me your support for our striving journey whose aim is the modernization and deepening of Democracy in our great country.  For we believe faithfully and deeply that the free human being is the one who is capable of weaving his life according to his free hopes.

And I am pleased to send you my utmost thankfulness for your noble feelings towards me and towards your country, Egypt, the Faithful, which appreciates the work of her sons who spend their creative energy and vast knowledge and creative faculties for the enrichment of life on her soil, for the benefit and prosperity of our deep rooted peoples.

And hereby, I salute your true patriotic feelings and I pray the Almighty Allah to befall upon you health and happiness and therefore I issued my instructions to the Prime Minister for you to continue you treatment, paid for by the nation, for you to come back to your country to contribute with your knowledge and experience the building of our society with science and faith.

With my sincerest regards, I wish you the best wishes and peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Grace.
Mohamed Anwar El Sadat

His Excellency
Dr. Abdel Razzak Abdel Meguid
Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Economy, Minister of Planning, Minister of Finance
and Minister of Investment

A Man who was Totally Dedicated to his Beloved Egypt!
1931 - 1994
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Amina Abdel Razzak Abdel Meguid


I have waited many many years to write my father's story.  I have wanted to write and dedicate this website about his achievements as a father and as one of the most prominent Economists and Humanitarian men in the world. He was a great man and left a great legacy for Egypt. 

Beloved and still remembered by many many many people in Egypt and abroad, he is still remembered today as the brilliant Economist whom Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt dubbed as "The Erhard of Egypt", the chief architect of Egypt's Economic Recovery.  President Sadat likened him to the famous and brilliant Economist Ludwig Erhard of post World War ll Germany. 

The legacy of my father was to change the economic soul and to change and affect every fiber of the society and thereby reaching and touching every individual of our great society,  Egypt and to inspire those who come after him.. My father lived and breathed economics and his beloved Egypt.  He lived his ideas, he reduced the most complicated economic problems to simple equations.  He even taught some statisticss to my husband and made him love it!  His legacy was the Economic Progress and the Open Door Policy he implimented towards the  prosperity of Egypt.

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Translation of letter from President Anwar El Sadat